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What Colours To Choose?

If you need help deciding what colour make up you should use then these tips are for you! I have sorted them out in to catergories depending on what product they are. Enjoy :D


It is so important to choose the correct colour foundation. If you don't you'll look like you've been tangoed. Not a good look to go for.
♥ Ensure you are in natural daylight when trying out foundation colours, so you can see what you'll look like outside of a shop.
♥ Select a couple of shades to try, ones that look like they will match your skin tone.
♥ Do not try foundation on your hand or on your wrist - they are a different colour than your face. You'll end up with orange streaks around your jawline.
♥ Stroke a little colour onto your jawline to ensure you get a tone that will blend with your neck as well as your face. The shade that seems to disappear into your skin is the right one to choose.
♥ Remember that in summer you will need a different shade of foundation to the one you used in winter, well only if you tan of course.

Face Powder

Choosing the wrong face powder can be deadly, it can settle in wrinkles and look like you're covered in dirt! Follow these tips to avoid that.
♥ First consider, are you fair, medium, or dark skinned? That will cut down the selection available to you.
♥ Now look at the undertone in your skin. Is it pink, peachy, or olive? This should cut you down to just two powders in any given range.
♥ Test them both out to find your perfect match!
♥ If you're stumped, a few companies such as La Mer, Philosophy, and BareMineral's RareMinerals come in translucent or clear shades.


If you go for a shade that is too bright you'll end up looking like a clown! Not a look that a girl should be going for. Powders and creams are the best to use, avoid liquid or jelled blush which can be very difficult to apply.
♥ Beige and pink tones are perfect for fair skin.
♥ Warm, brown shades look good on yellow-tones skin.
♥ Plum and bronze shades are the best choice for dark skin.
♥ Orange, apricot and coral shades are perfect for sun-tanned skin.
♥ If your looking for an everyday look then choose the soft tones like apricot, peach or pink.

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