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My Likes & Dislikes

So this is basically just a list of things I like and things I don't. I will update this whenever I find something else that I like or not. I'm quite a moody person so I bet that my list of dislikes is the longer list of the two.


Chocolate - What more can I say?
TV - I can watch hours upon hours of television ...probably something to do with all the pot smoking.
Weed - Seriously have a problem with my pot consumption. I need to cut down but I just love being stoned.
Puppies - I have never seen an uncute puppy. They're ALL so adorable.
Shoes - You can never have too many pairs of shoes. One for every occasion and some extra ones just because they're pretty!


Peas - Those disgusting green balls of rancid filth. I HATE peas.
Mash Potato - I have no problem with potatoes. It's just the texture of it, I can't put it in my mouth because I'll heave. Even thinking about it makes me feel sick.
Obesity - It's just wrong.
Mud - What is the point of it? It's just messy and horrible. I know stuff grows in it but can't the mud just stay underneath the grass where it doesn't ruin my shoes.
Rain - Even though it means I can take out cute umbrellas, I hate it because it ruins my hair and make up. There's nothing more annoying then spending hours getting ready, for 5 minutes in the rain to ruin it all.
Mean People - There's no need to be mean. Why can't everyone be nice?
Moths - I hate how they seem to know I'm terrified and deliberately flap at me because of it. They just really freak me out... and they're gross.

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